GVA Distributor


Summary of the steps to follow for a GVA distributor

  • Download the app

    • Google Play:
    • Apple Store:
  • On computer

    • https://customer.wego.trade
  • Table of contents

  • Preparation before meeting a client: Day 1 & New clients

    • Preferred (Important)

      • Select the customer’s preferred products and apply the filter in the bottom left of the app. These are the products usually ordered by the customer.
      • Note: This will apply a filter on the available products. So if you want to have access to other products, you have to remove the filter to do your research.
    • Sequence (Important)

    • Target inventories (If applicable and optional)

      • The configuration of the target inventory makes it possible to calculate for a customer the quantity of a product to order for a specific delivery day.
        • The calculation is as follows: Target inventory – Customer inventory = Suggested quantity to order
        • Required configuration
        • Fields used
  • Inventory management

    • Goods receipt

      • You have nothing to do. The inventory is sent by GVA and transferred to your truck.
    • Goods transfer from Truck to Home and vice versa

      • This will transfer the inventory from the source to the destination
    • Rapport d’inventaire

      • This will print a report directly to your mobile printer.
  • Daily routine

    • Select a customer

      • It is possible to search by customer name and customer number.
    • Select a delivery day

      • On delivery

        • Inventory management rules will be applied.
        • Order creation or modification (Including returns).
        • Then go to the shopping cart to send the order
        • Each time an order is submitted for a customer who is not yet registered on WEGOTRADE, you will be able to validate or modify the customer’s email address and send him an invitation to register on WEGOTRADE. Doing so, he will be able to have access his orders, his invoices and to carry out direct orders if applicable. In a few months, customers will also be able to pay their invoices.
      • Date undefined

        • Inventory management rules will not be applied.
        • You will be able to re-open this order, modify it and resend it.
    • Invoicing

      • The invoice is created automatically when the order is in delivery.
        • The order is sent to SAP B1
        • The order is created in SAP B1
        • The invoice is created in in SAPB1
        • The invoice is sent back to WEGOTRADE
      • All of this has to be done in seconds. If the wait time is longer than 30 seconds, please call GVA to investigate the problem.
    • Zebra printer prints

      • Access the invoice
      • Press the “Print” button
    • Have the customer sign and / or stamp

      • Depending on the customer’s configuration, there will be a section on the invoice for the customer to sign and / or stamp the invoice
    • Photo taking

      • In the detail of the invoice, click on the “Photo” button
      • Only that a photo can be taken and it is not editable. Call GVA if you want to make a change
      • You will have access to the photo by the link “Attachment”.
    • Payment collection

      • Push the button
        • In the list of invoices
        • On the detail of an invoice
    • The returns

      • Works like a sale, you just have to select the “Returns” tab while shopping.
    • Order modification

      • Possible when the delivery date is not in the past and the order has not yet been invoiced.
        • During the time of modification the inventory is put back in at your availability.
        • Subsequently, you can change the quantities, products, delivery date and resubmit.
    • Select another customer

      • Use the “Switch company” button

  • End of day / week

    • Commissions Report

      • This report allows you to have visibility on the amount of your commissions for a given period.
      • The calculation is as follows: amount invoiced * % of commissions
      • By default the horizon of the report will be 7 days, but it is possible to modify it


  • Zebra Printer Configuration (ZQ521)

    1. Go to Bluetooth Settings on your phone
    2. Make sure the printer is open
    3. On the printer press and hold the Paper feed button until the bluetooth icon appears and starts to blink:
    4. Go back on your phone and touch the printer that should appear in the list
    5. A modal window on your phone should appear with a number, the same number should appear on the LCD of the printer.
    6. Accept on your phone
    7. Press the Green Check button on the printer
    8. The Printer should appear in the list of connected devices on the phone
    9. Troubleshooting
      • Printer appears unresponsive
        • Paper Feed button and “accept button” does nothing.
          • Hold power until “SHUTTING DOWN” appears on the LCD (about 5 seconds).
          • Hold power again until the printer boots
      • Printer prints blank page or a page starting with “Zebra Technologies”
        • Reboot your mobile device
      • Printer not connecting to the mobile hardware
        • Make sure that there is only 1 mobile connected on the printer.
        • Turn the bluetooth off on other close devices.
  • Need help: WEGOTRADE?

    • Téléphone: 1-514-400-1008 #ext: 200
    • Courriel: support@wegotrade.com
    • Type of problems treated
      • User name password
      • Access to the application
      • How the application works
  • Need help: Distribution GVA?

    • Phone: (450) 629-6660
    • Courriel: info@dgva.ca
    • Type of problems treated
      • You create an order and you do not receive the invoice (The status of the order is “Transmitted”)
      • A product is missing
      • The price is incorrect
      • I do not have access to a client
      • I’m missing inventory
      • Printer problem
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