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Find out in this free demo how you can save time & money by automating your order taking. Enable your customers to order online with WEGOTRADE.

What is covered in this demo:

  • Simplified purchasing journey
  • Benefits of using the mobile app
  • Integration to your ERP
  • Why more than 70% of your customers will order online
  • And much more!
Ordering Online with Wegotrade

Benefits of our B2B Marketplace

Cost Savings

With WEGOTRADE, you will save up to 70% on your order taking costs because of the automated process.

Buying Experience

Our platform offers a simplified purchasing process allowing your customers to easily place orders online.

Avoid Errors

As order taking is computerized and integrated to your ERP, human errors made over the phone and by email will be avoided.

Who we are

Together, business is made easier.

WEGOTRADE is a B2B marketplace linked to the whole supply chain players, that optimizes and facilitates all exchanges between manufacturers, distributors, sales reps and retailers, from order taking to payment. Thousands of companies use WEGOTRADE every day to be more efficient, reduce costs, increase sales and discover new business opportunities.

Man retailer ordering products on Wegotrade
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