Receive online payments from your retailers and food service customers.

No percentage fee!​

WEGOTRADE Pay enables your retailers and food service customers to pay their invoices online by bank transfers and credit cards. The service is free for your B2B customers.

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Online Payment Methods

Wire Transfers

Credit Cards

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Control the Entire Sales Process From Order to Cash

Take full advantage of WEGOTRADE by combining the use of our online payment solution, B2B marketplace, sales reps, and delivery modules.

WEGOTRADE Pay enables you to manage payment terms. For bad payers, you can demand online payment before sending a new order.

You control the entire order to cash process by combining order taking, billing, payment, and collection on one platform.

Why Should You Accept B2B Payments Online?

Billing Automation

Send electronic invoices to your customers from your ERP. This way, they will always have access to your invoices and can track the status of their accounts payable. They can be notified automatically when payments are due.

Save on Transactions Fees

Take advantage of WEGOTRADE Pay's flat fee on all electronic fund transfers. With no percentage fee, you save on every online payment you receive.

Simplify collection

Receive money from your customers directly into your bank account. In addition, get a direct communication link with your customers to send payment reminders.

Optimize cashflow

In addition to saving time and money on the billing and collecting process , WEGOTRADE Pay enables you to receive your money faster. The more customers pay online, the faster your funds will be available, increasing your cash flow!

Sync Online B2B Payments to Your ERP

Your customers invoices are transmitted to WEGOTRADE directly from your ERP. In addition, each online payment will be synchronized with your ERP to update the balance due on all invoices.

Reconciling payments and invoices has never been so fast and efficient!

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Wire Transfers Process

WEGOTRADE Pay simplifies online payment for all your customers in 3 quick and easy steps:


Link bank account

In order to set up the service, your customers associate their bank account with WEGOTRADE Pay.



Follow-up on invoices to be paid

Your customers will be able to easily view payment terms, select invoices and amounts to be paid.

Two clicks and it’s done!



2-Step Verification

For security reasons, customers have to confirm a code sent by e-mail or SMS.

Afterward, the instructions will be transmitted automatically to the bank for processing.

Find Out More About our Online Payment Solution

An online meeting with one of our experts will help you to determine if our electronic payment solution meets your needs. Our expert will also discuss the following points:

  • The integration of the online billing system with your ERP
  • Online payment solution costs
  • Implementation of the solution in your company
  • How we can help your customers pay their invoices online
  • Features of our solution
  • And much more!

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