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Build Your Community

Communities are the future… and the future is now

WEGOTRADE is an innovative platform that enables you to create and manage your own B2B community within your marketplace. No need to invest in costly software developments or to struggle with complex tools. The retailers and vendors you selected can benefit from all the WEGOTRADE features and tools made for your marketplace.

As a Community Manager, you oversee the trades and interactions between members. This is especially useful for convenience store and restaurant banners, franchisors, buying groups, regional organizations, industry associations, and more.

WEGOTRADE facilitates the management of your group’s activities, providing you with a proven and tested solution. Our platform offers you all you need to make business happen.

Your community, your choice

Community managers can invite the vendors and retailers they want. Whether you are running a regional association, a coop or buying group, or a large franchise; whether you want to open new markets or create a branded portal for your customers, WEGOTRADE will adapt to your needs and become the B2B marketplace where all trades happen.

The flexibility and adaptability of WEGOTRADE allows you to start small and scale up as you need. You can even run a trial experiment with only a few select vendors and buyers, and grow your membership later once the system meets your requirements.

Boost trades within your community

WEGOTRADE lets managers monitor and track the activities within their community.

Receive detailed reports on sales and orders placed within your community, and even statistics for individual members or per product. This deep understanding lets you recommend actions to vendors and retailers, constantly improving trades within your community.

Besides, because the orders and placed and processed on the WEGOTRADE platform, this means less time-consuming paperwork and more time to focus on optimizing trades.

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