Wegotrade flyer preview on its online prdering solutions for B2B.


wegotrade's 2022 solutions

Find out quickly and easily how WEGOTRADE’s B2B online ordering solutions can help you manage your customers’ supply.

Find Out How B2B Online Ordering Can Help You

In this sales document, you will find out how our B2B online ordering solutions will help your business thrive.

It covers the following solutions:

  • Order automation
  • Direct store delivery
  • Sales rep module
  • Online payment
  • And much more!

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Who we are

Together, business is made easier.

WEGOTRADE is a B2B marketplace linked to the whole supply chain players, that optimizes and facilitates all exchanges between manufacturers, distributors, sales reps and retailers, from order taking to payment. Thousands of companies use WEGOTRADE every day to be more efficient, reduce costs, increase sales and discover new business opportunities.

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