The Benefits of integrating TRANSFO with WEGOTRADE

Optimize your operations from order to payment by integrating the TRANSFO suite to WEGOTRADE and benefit from traceability, inventory, production, automation and much more! The integration is done in partnership with Noovelia.

Synchronize Online Orders to TRANSFO

The integration of TRANSFO to WEGOTRADE enables your retailers and restaurant owners to order your products online at any time.

By integrating our platform with SAP Business One, you will be able to synchronize your customers’ orders with your ERP.The integration allows you to automate your order taking operations and limit human errors in data entry.

An integration remains the best way to automate the customer order process, generate significant savings on order processing, while increasing your customer experience.

Connect Your Sales Reps With TRANSFO

The integration of the TRANSFO suite with WEGOTRADE offers your sales reps an order taking solution adapted to their needs. Using our platform, they will have access to a range of features to facilitate their tasks and synchronize orders automatically with TRANSFO’s sales order module.

Save Direct to Store Delivery Informations in TRANSFO

With WEGOTRADE, your delivery drivers have the ability to scan delivery information such as invoices, signatures, and proof of delivery. The integration of SAP Business One enables you to facilitate your tracking of delivery operations by accessing delivery information and scanned documents from the solution.

Track Online Payments

With its integration with TRANSFO, WEGOTRADE gives you full control over your cash flow:

  • Transmit electronic invoices associated with sales orders
  • Receive online payments by bank transfers and credit cards
  • Issue reminders to late payers
  • Block the taking of orders for bad payers
  • Track your accounts receivable
  • Facilitate bank reconciliation

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What will be discussed during the meeting:

  • Integration process
  • Establish your needs
  • Prerequisites to perform the integration
  • Estimated time required
  • Estimated cost

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