Invitation Agropur

AGROPUR invites you to order your products online on WEGOTRADE

AGROPUR invites you to order your products online on WEGOTRADE

Using WEGOTRADE, you can finally order your products whenever you want, any way you like, and from anywhere.


WEGOTRADE is available from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.


By creating your account on WEGOTRADE, you will automatically have access to your Agropur product catalog and you will be ready to order online.


The use of WEGOTRADE is free of charge for retailers.

If you have any questions about WEGOTRADE, please contact us at:

If you have any questions for Agropur, please contact Customer Service at:
Ontario : 1 800-268-7777
Quebec : 1 800-361-1110
British-Columbia & Prairies : 1-800-701-6677


WEGOTRADE is a B2B platform, primarily for the food and beverage industry. Retailers, distributors, wholesaler and suppliers are grouped together within the same marketplace managing purchase orders and promotions.

Available on smart phones, tablets and the Web, WEGOTRADE can be used by all businesses, regardless of their technological capabilities.

Vendors can easily create and give access to their product catalogs and promotions, so retailers can order at any time, with complete autonomy.

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