WEGOTRADE for Vendors

Our pricing is highly competitive.
In fact, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and brokers of the food and beverages industry can publish their product catalogs on WEGOTRADE for only $995 per year.
No costly development, no complex IT project, no massive initial investments.

Some optional features, such as promotional banners, are also offered to retailers and vendors alike, depending on their needs.

Pricing for the Standard Edition

Annual Fee:
$995 per year

Fees per additional order:
$1.09 per order
Unlimited number of products
Unlimited number of catalogs
Unlimited number of clients

To integrate WEGOTRADE to your existing management system, please contact us for pricing.


WEGOTRADE for Retailers

Retailers, restaurants, franchisees, and grocery or convenience store owners can buy on WEGOTRADE for free.
There are NO setup fees and NO transaction fees.

Standard Edition: FREE


Community Management & White Label Solutions on WEGOTRADE

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